Global Internships With CPT & OPT Programs

A Global MBA or PGDM journey opens doors to exciting possibilities, and a curriculum integrated with programs like Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) play a crucial role in shaping your international career. We will help you understand the importance of CPT and OPT within PIBM’s Global Joint Degree Program, providing a pathway to a world of opportunities.

What Is PIBM’s Global MBA Program?

The Global Joint Degree Program is a two-year learning journey - one year at PIBM Pune Campus and the second year at Lawrence Technological University in the USA. Specializations offered along with the program are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations

The students enrolled in PIBM’s Global Joint Degree Program will get many benefits from getting dual degrees (MBA & PGDM) to hands-on industry training through OPT and CPT programs along with the in-demand credentials of a STEM MBA program.

What Are CPT and OPT?

Both CPT and OPT are practical training programs, equivalent to internships, that are a part of Global MBA MBA curriculum. These training programs are similar to global internship opportunities that provide you with hands-on practical learning experience to make you corporate-ready, globally.

With PIBM’s Global Joint Degree Program, you will be a part of 1-year CPT and 3-year OPT programs.

Purpose of CPT - Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training, or CPT, is essential for MBA students as part of their learning process in the USA and other foreign countries. Its main purpose is to open doors to real-world work experience while you're still studying. Imagine learning in your MBA classes and then getting the chance to apply that knowledge in a hands-on job, like an internship, outside your campus.

CPT turns your textbook knowledge into practical skills, helping you connect the dots between what you study and how things work in the professional corporate world. It's not just about getting a taste of the job you want; it's about becoming better prepared for the exciting journey that awaits after graduation.

Purpose of CPT - Optional Practical Training

Optional Practical Training or OPT program allows international students to work in the United States for a specified period, usually 1 year to 3 years (in case of STEM MBA) gaining practical experience in their respective fields of study in business management. The OPT visa is an extension of the F-1 student visa. It provides an opportunity for students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in their academic studies to real-world corporate scenarios.

One notable feature of the OPT visa is that it allows students to work for up to 12 months in a company of their choice or based on placement, directly related to their major specialization. For those pursuing business management degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM MBA), there is an additional 24-month extension, bringing the total potential work experience to 36 months or 3 years.

What are the Differences between CPT and OPT?

The differences between OPT and CPT are given below (CPT vs. OPT).

Optional Practical Training (OPT) CPT
Employment Authorization Document Required Not Required
Duration 1-3 years 6-12 months
Application Fee May be required Not required
Kind of employment Full-time Generally part-time
Requirement Optional Mandatory
Purpose of Training Getting industry knowledge after or during the completion of your study period Getting practical experience during your course program

Duration of CPT and OPT Programs along with OPT STEM MBA Extension

For OPT, the standard duration is one year, but if you're pursuing a STEM MBA, you can get an OPT STEM MBA extension of three years. During your MBA abroad, CPT can be for 6 months to 1 year.

CPT and OPT Visas

There's no separate visa for CPT or OPT. Both fall under the F-1 student visa category. It's the visa that allows you to study in the U.S., and with CPT and OPT, you get to add valuable work experience to your resume.

What are OPT and CPT jobs in the USA?

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) are not just a step toward academic growth but a key to unlocking a spectrum of thrilling job profiles. Whether your passion lies in Global Taxation, Brand Management, Finance Analytics, or Operations Management, CPT and OPT provide a gateway to hands-on experience in your chosen field. These opportunities serve as a launchpad for your career, offering a dynamic platform where theoretical knowledge meets real-world application.

    CPT and OPT jobs in the Finance sector:

  • Global Taxation
  • Equity Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Finance Analytics
  • Corporate Finance


  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Commercial Credit
  • Wealth Management
  • Finance Quality Management

    CPT and OPT jobs in the Marketing sector:

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing


  • B2B Marketing
  • Channel Management
  • Digital PR Management
  • Wealth Management

    CPT and OPT jobs in the Operations sector:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management

    CPT and OPT jobs in the Business Analytics sector:

  • Data Analysis
  • Market Research
  • DigitalBusiness Intelligence (BI) Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Customer Insights Analysis

    CPT and OPT jobs in the Human Resources sector:

  • Talent Acquisition/Recruitment
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefit


  • HR Information Systems (HRIS)
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Analytics

Top Recruiting Companies During CPT and OPT Programs

PIBM Global's Joint Degree Program connects you with top-notch recruiters across various industries, ensuring your skills are recognized on a global scale.

Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, Capgemini, EY, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Wipro, TCS, Loreal, Citco, HP, Deutsche Bank, Lenovo, TIAA, Barclays, Nestle, Loreal, Cocacola, Abbott Pharma, Blue Star, DHL, L&T, Genpact, HCL, Nevia, JP Morgan, Sodexo, Glenmark, Mondelez, Syntel, Bosch and many more.

Why PIBM’s Joint Degree Program?

PIBM’s Joint Degree Program is your gateway to international success. Here's why:

  • Exposure to International Business Practices: Immerse yourself in global business scenarios.
  • Internationally-renowned faculty & Instructors: Learn from the best in the business.
  • Global Internship & Placement Opportunities: Secure internships and placements with the best MNCs worldwide.
  • Experiential Learning: Align your education with global industry standards.
  • Global Skills Development: Enhance your skills according to the demands of the global market.
  • Internationally-Recognized Industry Certifications: Boost your profile with certifications recognized globally.
  • Access to Modern Learning Tools: Learn through access to Education Databases, Software, and Technology Tools
  • Professional Network with Global Leaders: Connect with industry leaders for mentorship and guidance.
  • Global Job Opportunities with Work Visa: The program doesn't just end with your degree; it paves the way for your global career.

With PIBM's Global Joint Degree Program get CPT and OPT along with STEM MBA extension for VISA, which is your passport to a world of opportunities in international business education.


1) What are the eligibility criteria for the CPT program in the USA?

You must have a valid F1 visa and have attended a full-time school for at least one year in the USA.

2) What is the eligibility for OPT in the USA?

If you have a valid F1 visa and you have not been a part of CPT for more than 12 months, you are eligible for an OPT in the USA.

3) Which one to choose between CPT and OPT?

Engage in CPT if your course offers it. If your university does not provide CPT credits, you can pursue OPT, which is elective and usually completed after graduation.